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10 Security Influencers You Should Follow on Twitter

November 21, 2017 | By

Social media is a great resource for keeping up with the latest in cybersecurity, including current threats, emerging technology, hiring best practices, and more. In particular, Twitter offers a way to stay in the loop, whether you want to learn more about protecting your company or you want to advance your security career. To get plugged in to what’s going on, we highly recommend following these ten influencers on Twitter, and we’ve also provided their LinkedIn profiles if you’d like to connect further:

10 Twitter Security Influencers to Follow

1) Adrian Sanabria, Co-Founder and Director of Research, Savage Security

Twitter: @sawaba


Why you should follow: Adrian provides clear and concise opinions and analysis on hot cybersecurity issues, and he’s easy to understand. As the co-founder of an infosec consulting firm, he has experience helping others solve issues holistically, rather than being overly product-focused. Adrian hosted a webinar with us last month—you can listen to it here.


2) Amanda Rousseau, Malware Research Engineer at Endgame

Twitter: @malwareunicorn


Why you should follow: Amanda’s Twitter feed is both enjoyable to read and insightful, as she infuses humor into cybersecurity commentary. Her deep expertise as a malware researcher makes her a trusted source, and she also has a blog, VanitySec, that merges security and fashion (yes, really).

3) Alex Stamos, Chief Security Officer, Facebook

Twitter: @alexstamos


Why you should follow: Alex has a prominent role as the CSO at Facebook, and his personal Twitter feed contains lots of industry perspective and commentary. While he’s quite active, his feed is still approachable enough for those new to security. If you missed his engaging talk at Black Hat USA 2017, following him on Twitter is the next best thing.

4) Lesley Carhart, Security Incident Response Team Lead at Motorola and Assistant NCOIC – Cyber Transport for the US Air Force Reserve

Twitter: @hacks4pancakes


Why you should follow: Lesley is a leader in the infosec world, as evident by both her impressive resume and her presence at conferences and in the media. She also has a website where she covers important cybersecurity issues. Her expertise and communication skills are on full display on her Twitter feed, where she is extremely active, often sharing a point of view you won’t find elsewhere.

5) Katie Moussouris, CEO, Luta Security

Twitter: @k8em0


Why you should follow: Katie is the biggest brain in vulnerability disclosure. From her start at Microsoft (she set up their bug bounty program!) to her stint helping build HackerOne to setting up her own security consultancy, we think she’s the world expert in responsible disclosures. We love her realistic, hands-on approach to digging into the hardest problems. See her work on Hack the Pentagon for an example of this.

6) Kimber Dowsett, Head of Infrastructure at 18F and a Mission Information Specialist at NASA

Twitter: @mzbat


Why You Should Follow: Kimber is a well-connected, well-informed cybersecurity influencer. She has a very active and entertaining feed, which includes commentary on the state of the infosec industry. With a deep background in security at prominent companies and now working as the head of infrastructure at 18F (an agency that helps other government agencies use tech more wisely), Kimber has a unique viewpoint on the industry that you don’t want to miss.

7) Jack Daniel, Co-Founder of Security BSides

Twitter: @Jack_Daniel


Why you should follow: As the co-founder of the Security BSides conferences that take place in cities around the world, Jack is plugged into the infosec community. His Twitter feed includes a good mix of opinions and analysis on the state of the cybersecurity industry from both a technical and talent perspective. He also includes pictures of his travels—bonus!

8) Keirsten Brager, Security Engineer, Entergy

Twitter: @HiddenCybFigure


Why you should follow: Keirsten is on a mission to help more women thrive in the traditionally male-dominated cybersecurity field. She accomplishes this through her blog and on Twitter. Keirsten shares valuable insights on cybersecurity, particularly as it relates to being a woman working in the industry. Check out this influencer who is following the campsite rule by empowering more women in infosec.


9) Michael Santarcangelo, Founder, Security Catalyst

Twitter: @catalyst


Why you should follow: Michael is a “big thinker” in security. We hit it off with him immediately once we met, talking about the importance of people in any security strategy, along with the lack of understanding of cybersecurity issues in the boardroom. He’s always asking the hardest questions in security, so that’s why he’s on our list.


10) Wendy Nather, Principal Security Strategist, Duo

Twitter: @wendynather


Why you should follow: Wendy’s resume is one of the best in the business. After doing security for financial services (back in the 90s when security was the wild, wild west), she went on to become a government CISO at the state level and then an analyst at 451 Research. If you’re looking for some insights from someone who’s “done it all,” Wendy is our pick.