White Paper: How Strongarm’s Malware Protection Differs from Competitors

February 9, 2017 | By

More companies today, particularly small businesses, need to confront the threat of malware. Not only is the volume of cyberattacks high, but the consequences are becoming more dire as malware evolves to inflict more damage. This new reality means it’s not a question of whether cyberattacks will happen, but when. That’s why Strongarm takes a different approach to protecting businesses from malware, as our automated platform neutralizes threats rather than simply blocking them.

In Part 1 of this guide, we explained specifically how Strongarm works, and now we’d like to give you an inside look into how Strongarm is different from our competitors.

Strongarm Is Simple

Strongarm works by replacing your Domain Name System (DNS) resolver, which means that integrating it into your network is easy. Even if you don’t have IT staff on-site, our setup instructions are simple enough to follow on your own, and getting up and running with Strongarm shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.

Moreover, our approach means that you don’t have to install any software agents or add any hardware, and it works with almost any device without having to download a specific version for PCs vs. Macs vs. smartphones. There’s just one Strongarm that works for all your devices. And it works even when you’re not on your own network.

Strongarm Is Automated

We go further than simply alerting you of suspicious activity or blocking traffic that fits certain security profiles, which is what similar DNS-based security systems do.

Instead, our platform can detect when legitimate sites get compromised and attempt to redirect you to malware distribution sites. By stopping users from going to these malware distribution sites, we prevent malware from being loaded on the targeted device.

Beyond blocking, we automatically fight back. The majority of malware communicates back to command and control centers, so when we detect attempts to direct you to malware-laden sites or find malware already on your network, our platform impersonates these command and control centers to find out the malware’s mission.

We can then decode the threat level and understand what the malware is trying to do, such as steal financial records or locate email passwords. While communicating with the malware, we can often eradicate it simply by getting it to reveal its own “kill switch,” which exists in about a third of all malware and allows us to detonate on command.

While all this automated work happens, you can follow along in our intuitive dashboard using our Discussion feature,  and get email alerts only when the attack is real, so that you don’t get burned out from false positives.

Strongarm Is Affordable

If this sounds like a costly enterprise tool, we have good news. Our platform is actually one of the most affordable business-grade anti-malware solutions available today. At just $3 per user per month, our platform not only has a low price tag but a low overall cost, because your IT staff doesn’t have to waste time with lengthy setup or extensive monitoring.

And with a 30-day free trial, you can see for yourself how well Strongarm works without having to make a commitment.

Want to know more detail about how we stand out from the competition to offer you the best malware protection? Download our new white paper below:

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