Find out what makes Strongarm different from other security solutions.

Protection From Phishing, Malvertising, & Ransomware

By monitoring outbound DNS requests and correlating this against our aggregated threat intelligence, Strongarm stops your company’s systems from talking to malicious infrastructure.

When we watch DNS requests and not network traffic, Strongarm can catch encrypted traffic, peer-to--peer traffic, and other tactics that hackers use to get past firewalls and antivirus.

On-Demand Phishing Education

Everyone knows you need to train employees about phishing - but how do you make sure they pay attention? You can put consequences in place, but that is hard to do in practice. Even the best trained employees will make a mistake, either in haste or with a super well disguised phish. Imagine the opportunity to protect against that click and provide on-the-spot training to reinforce phishing awareness to eliminate damage from the click and provide training at the time when the user is most likely to be receptive to the concepts.

Shared Threat Intelligence

We use the latest threat intelligence to track domains that are connected with malicious activities and prevent them from harming your network. We start with a mix of proprietary intelligence, curated domain feeds, and partners to gather this information. We focus on threat indicators that are difficult for attackers to change, so we catch threats that firewalls and antivirus miss.

Strongarm also allows you to report domains you think are suspicious or known to be bad. By sharing these via the Community Feed, you can protect yourself and every other Strongarm user. Someone else paying it forward may save your bacon one day, too!

Malware Is Our Agent

When a bad domain is identified coming into your network, the DNS resolver returns Strongarm’s blackhole address instead of the attacker’s. This is what makes us different from all other DNS providers and security solutions. Strongarm doesn’t just block malware and drop the connection. We can actually interrogate the infected host using the malware to gather valuable information, like who the victim is. By using the malware, we can get away with no agents or boxes to install, ever.

Complete Network Protection

Strongarm does not require software or agents, and we are therefore able to protect all devices that connect to your network. This includes not only computers but Internet of Things and smart devices, tablets, and smartphones. Only Strongarm offers complete network protection.

Analysis & Support

Compromised Website: Your network is attempting to connect to a site that was once serving malware (but is no longer actively doing so). We believe it’s prudent to stay away, but you may whitelist the site if you prefer.

Malware Distribution: We stopped an attack while it was in progress. Your network is safe, and if we can, we will let you know which machine was attempting to contact the malware-affiliated site. There will be no further action required.

Malware: We find that malware has been installed on one of your machines. Strongarm quarantines and disarms it, then notifies you. We will protect the network and device and provide you with relevant details to help you respond.

Malvertising: We stopped one of your users from visiting a website that would have attacked their browser. We stopped the attack and, because the user wasn’t doing anything wrong, there’s no action to take. If we can, we will provide you the IP address, so you can run a scan if you like.

Using the Discussion feature, with every alert, our team will analyze what happened and advise what to do next. This allows you to make rapid, informed decisions on how to respond. Strongarm also maintains a historical record, so that you can review previous issues and how they were resolved.

Network Visibility

With Strongarm Insights, you gain broad and deep visibility into your network. As small and midsized businesses grow, they often lose visibility into what’s happening on their networks.

While we built Strongarm primarily to protect you from online attacks, our DNS technology also provides increased visibility into website traffic (e.g. visits to Tor sites or social media) and other activity on your network (e.g. overactive IoT devices).
The more you know, the more secure you’ll be.

Content Filtering

Strongarm contains a simple and affordable way to block access to certain categories of web content for every one of your business locations. Examples would be preventing your employees from visiting social media sites (to increase productivity) or adult content sites (based on social responsibility or because the sites are not related to work activities). This is included in the Strongarm security solution and doesn’t cost a dime more.

Integrations with Ticketing & Log Management Systems

If you prefer, instead of email, Strongarm has an API that can plug this information directly into your ticketing system or security information and event management solution (SIEM) for centralized alerting. We want you to stay in the workflows you have today.

How Strongarm Thwarts Attackers

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