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Every 4.2 seconds new malware emerges.

How will you protect your clients?

source: GData

Modern attacks bypass firewalls and antivirus.

Your clients deserve a better approach.

Introducing Strongarm

Simple, automated, profitable security.

Protects clients against ransomware, phishing, malvertising, and all other cyberattacks.


Show Value

Offer clients a differentiated security solution. Increase your profit margins and win new clients by providing high-value services like security monitoring and incident response. Simple pricing model, fast ROI.

White Label

Strongarm lets MSPs be the hero to their clients. A customizable blocking page can redirect clients to the MSP’s site and ensure that brand is first and foremost with clients.

Save Time

Deploy at a client in minutes. Save time by automating security and simplifying incident resolution. Strongarm minimizes false positives, so no time is wasted, and our security experts will help you with incident resolution.


You don’t need to be a security expert to set up Strongarm, and there are no software, hardware, or agents to install—just a simple configuration change and client networks are protected.

Protect Effectively

Strongarm is a simple and automated tool for identifying and neutralizing malware threats. Using DNS technology, we catch threats that firewalls, antivirus, and other solutions miss, ensuring comprehensive security.

Offer Visibility

With Strongarm’s Insights tool, MSPs can provide reports to clients showing web activity that could be harmful to the client’s reputation. From rogue IoT devices to employees using poor judgment, Strongarm has it covered.

“Strongarm tightens the security posture we offer our customers. The simple deployment model and attributes of the Jumpstart program allows us to quickly deploy the solution to all our existing customers. Partnering with Strongarm paves the way to help us grow our customer base with high value solutions.”

- David Ruchman, CTO,

“As a startup MSP, we wanted to offer our customers enterprise-level protection against zero day attacks and phishing, but needed to keep up-front license, implementation and training costs low. Strongarm’s partner program met our needs completely with their real-time network protection, a pay-as-we-grow plan, and a seamless integration into our PSA model. The Strongarm analysts have become a crucial extension of our team by rapidly triaging infection alerts improving service levels and overall productivity.”

- Meg Sheidow, President, GrindStone IT Consulting

With clients facing smaller budgets and fewer in-house resources, Strongarm enables Quorum Cyber to offer an automated and scalable solution set at competitive price points.”

- Federico Charosky - Managing Director, Quorum Cyber

“Our SMB customers know they need another layer of protection beyond their current antivirus and firewalls, but the pricing and complexity of many solutions just doesn’t work. Fortify Phishing Protection (FP2), powered by Strongarm, is the ideal blend between best-of-breed protection and cost that we see in the market today, a great offering to enable Fortify 24x7 to protect customers of all sizes.”

-Jeremy Murtishaw, CTO of Fortify 24x7

“Strongarm not only allows me to offer a differentiated, high-value malware solution, but also opens the door for me to provide complementary services that help grow my bottom line.”

- Jeff Rose, President, PC Tech

“Strongarm is the fundamental element of my security solutions, providing the basis for monitoring and for incident response.”

- Walter Russo, President,

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