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Hacked Websites: How Weak Security Impacts Us All

December 12 , 2017

Attackers are constantly developing new ways to target people. One of the favorite tactics we've seen from them over the last couple of years is that they find and break into vulnerable WordPress websites, then use the sites for phishing, distribution of malware, and command and control. Read on for our CTO Todd O'Boyle's take on how to fight back. ... Read Original Article

Three-Step Security Battle Plan for Manufacturers

November 29 , 2017

Manufacturers are dealing with a number of security concerns related to aging infrastructure, the constant threat of data breaches, lack of formal security policies, and like many other industries, an overworked IT staff. Get our CTO Todd O'Boyle's take on how to deal with these challenges. ... Read Original Article

MAIN Street Cybersecurity Act Aims to Help You Reduce Your Cybersecurity Risk

November 27 , 2017

On September 28, The U.S. Senate passed the MAIN STREET Cybersecurity Act, which will require the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to focus more of its resources on cybersecurity for small businesses by “disseminating clear and concise resources to help small business concerns identify, assess, manage, and reduce their cybersecurity risks.” Read our CTO Todd O'Boyle's take on what this means for small businesses. ... Read Original Article

Defending Against the 4 Stages of a Ransomware Attack

July 27 , 2017

Cybersecurity threats, like ransomware, are a growing concern for the government sector. While the recent Petya ransomware attack hasn’t impacted the U.S., there are plenty of reports of ransomware attacks against police departments across the U.S. and local government municipalities. ... Read Original Article

Speaking to Malware: A New Approach to Combat Attacks

May 1 , 2017

Cyberattackers need persistent access to your company’s network, systems, and users to steal from you. The good news is that persistence is something that can also be used against attackers, and engaging with them is a surefire way to improve your company’s response to both specific attacks and security in general. ... Read Original Article

How SMBs Can Conquer Ransomware

February 21 , 2017

You don’t have to look far past the news headlines to see that ransomware is a big and growing problem today. And companies have a lot to lose — $1 billion per year, to be exact. ... Read Original Article

They're Phishing For You

January 23 , 2017

Accountants beware: Fraudsters are customizing phishing attacks with fake QuickBooks invoices and TurboTax notifications, warns Todd O’Boyle, the co-founder and chief technology officer of malware detection provider Percipient Networks. ... Read Original Article

Kroll: Construction Industry Fraud Declined In 2016

January 18 , 2017

Dan Karson, chairman of Kroll Investigations & Disputes, said he believes that construction's fraud rate dipped last year due to greater prevalence of vendor codes of conduct, as well as companies engaging in government contracts being more concerned with possible ramifications of breaking rules. ... Read Original Article

Cyber Crime Business

December 13 , 2016

You’re on the morning train on the way to work and take a look at the guy next to you. He’s clean-cut, wearing a crisp suit and holding a leather briefcase just like dozens of others. Just another worker headed to the office, right?. Yes, but not in the way you think he is. That person is going to work but rather than creating reports and spreadsheets, he’s part of a criminal ring dedicated to breaking into corporate networks to steal data and money. Hackers are no longer basement-dwelling weirdos as they are portrayed in Hollywood productions. They’re business people. ... Read Original Article

Ransomware Unbound: Critical Knowledge for a Growing Threat

December 12 , 2016

Ransomware is the most pervasive form of malware out there, as attackers have shifted their focus away from more traditional attacks, and the number of new strains of ransomware continues to grow exponentially. - See more at: ... Read Original Article

criminals And Colleagues: How To Stop Ransomware's Usual Suspects

November 21 , 2016

We’ve all seen the headlines: ransomware – not software – is eating the world (sorry Marc Andreesen). Companies are losing millions of dollars because sensitive information is being encrypted by hackers who have penetrated porous IT defenses. It’s frustrating, it’s maddening and happening to companies of all shapes and sizes. What can be done? To effectively prevent ransomware from hurting their business, security professionals must first understand how these attacks take place. After all, Sun Tzu said, “If you know the enemy and yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.” Here are some insights into how to mitigate the threat of ransomware’s top two players: criminals and colleagues. ... Read Original Article

4 Tips to Keep the Cybercriminals Out During Cyber Weekend

November 15 , 2016

More consumers are turning their attentions away from the Black Friday hysteria in stores towards online shopping during the first weekend of the holiday shopping season – from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday. Last year, more than 103 million people said they shopped online at some point over what is now being called Cyber Weekend. And retailers are responding, offering online discounts and promotions to pull in more consumers. ... Read Original Article

Don't Give Cybercriminals the Fuel to Start a Fire

November 14 , 2016

Picture a big, burning fire. Red and orange flames inflicting catastrophic damage. Behind every fire is afireman catalyst, something that sparked its ignition, or a series of events that made it inevitable. Data breaches are like fires in this way. When a data breach occurs, executives and IT leaders look at the burned out husk of their network infrastructure and ask themselves incredulously, “How did this happen?” and “Why did this happen to us?” ... Read Original Article

Why letting attackers inside your network is the smartest thing you can do

November 11 , 2016

Organizations waste millions of dollars trying to keep hackers away from sensitive information using outdated perimeter-based security technologies. The result is obvious: it isn’t working. Percipient Networks’ CTO Todd O’Boyle has counterintuitive advice for businesses when discussing what to do about hackers: let them in your corporate network. I spoke to Todd, and he explained why that advice is more sound that you might think. ... Read Original Article

A Security Road Map For SMBs

September 15 , 2016

There’s no shortage of headlines highlighting the string of companies that have been targeted by attackers. But it’s not just larger organisations that need to sit up and take notice. While large enterprises have begun strengthening their security protections, small and midsize businesses (SMBs) have become prime targets due to their lack of security. ... Read Original Article

How to Handle IT Security When You Can't Hire Someone

September 14 , 2016

While cyber attacks on large enterprises dominate the headlines on a daily basis, no business is too small to evade a cyber attack. According to a recent Ponemon Study, 55 percent of small and midsize businesses (SMBs) have experienced a cyber attack in the past 12 months. In the aftermath of these incidents, these companies spent an average of $879,582 because of damage or theft of IT assets and an additional $955,429 due to the disruption to normal operations. ... Read Original Article

Security needs to deal in the real to be taken seriously

August 12 , 2016

Sometimes our efforts to explain security don’t connect with our audience. Because security is complex and often hard to explain, we turn to hypothetical examples and try to help people understand potential consequences. Sometimes it works. And sometimes it causes an erosion of credibility. I recently talked with Todd O’Boyle (LinkedIn, @oboyle), Co-founder and CTO, Percipient Networks about how we can do better. Drawing on two-decades of experience, Todd is a wealth of knowledge. Our conversation got me excited. Heck, it inspired me with an idea I’ll share in the coming weeks. Todd’s insights are a recipe for success for security leaders looking to make a difference. ... Read Original Article

Allied Minds' John Serafini: From Airborne Ranger to Venture Creator

July 18 , 2016

John Serafini is a senior vice president and part of the investment team at Allied Minds in Boston. You might not be familiar with Allied Minds, because it takes a different approach than a typical venture capital firm. It funds and helps build companies from scratch by identifying intellectual property out of universities and federal labs. In addition to the capital to fund the business, Allied Minds also takes executive leadership roles in the company, running the day-to-day operations. Allied Minds has over 20 companies part of its portfolio across technology and life sciences industries, including Strongarm. ... Read Original Article

Protecting What's Vital - Todd O'Boyle, Strongarm

July 7 , 2016

Universities have never had a more important place as a linchpin in a global system driven by knowledge, ideas, and innovation. Knowledge is replacing other resources as the main driver of economic growth, and education is the foundation for individual prosperity and social mobility. It’s no wonder that the competition among universities to attract the best and brightest has grown so fierce. For most institutions, competitive advantage results from its research and the quality of its graduates. Not only does a world class research program add to a university’s prestige in the eyes of prospective students, it also increases the potential impact its body of knowledge has on the global economy. ... Read Original Article

Boston-based Allied Minds and MITRE announced an expansion of their technology licensing and commercialization partnership

July 5 , 2016

Allied Minds is a holding company that forms, funds, and operates companies in tech and life sciences. MITRE—which has main offices in Bedford, MA, and McLean, VA—is a nonprofit that runs several federally funded research and development centers. The deal gives Allied Minds “a first look and exclusive access to certain technologies” coming out of MITRE. The two-year-old partnership previously led to the formation of Allied Minds subsidiary Percipient Networks, a Boston-area cybersecurity startup that created Strongarm. ... Read Original Article

Percipient Networks introduces MSP channel

April 15 , 2016

Percipient Networks plans to work with managed service providers (MSPs) as the primary channel for the company's newly launched cloud-based antimalware offering. "We want to help small and midsize businesses protect themselves," said Todd O'Boyle, CTO at Percipient Networks. "We found that small businesses are prime targets for attackers, but they rely on MSPs to advise them on most things information technology. In order to help small businesses protect themselves, we needed to work through these trusted partners." ... Read Original Article

Percipient Networks Releases 'Strongarm' Automated Anti-Malware Solution

April 7 , 2016

Startup Percipient Networks this week announced the release of Strongarm, a cloud-based security solution that automatically detects and neutralizes malware attacks, and helps mitigate damage to networks. Upon detecting a threat, Strongarm identifies the specific machine that was compromised, interrupts communication between the malware and the command-and-control server, and collects information about the malware and attacker, company officials said. ... Read Original Article

Percipient Networks Introduces New Approach to Malware Detection and Prevention with Strongarm

April 4 , 2016

If you’ve been paying attention to cyber security news even a little bit over the last year or so, you’re probably aware that the situation in terms of cyber-attacks and malware has changed, especially in the enterprise. These days, malware is sneakier and more effective than ever before at stealing company data, while the new ransomware trend which has made major headlines in the past few days, means hackers have really turned attention to better monetization of their exploits. Fortunately, companies that specialize in cyber and cloud security are stepping up with new methods of blocking advanced malware attacks. The latest such set of new capabilities comes from Percipient Networks, a developer of sophisticated, cloud-based malware solutions. Percipient has launched a new signature product called Strongarm, a simple and automated malware solution that is designed to give businesses of any size the ability to respond to and protect against malware threats in real time. ... Read Original Article

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